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Thank you for requesting a quote from MMT. We will work hard to earn your respect and exceed your expectations. Completing the form below will provide us with the information necessary to accurately quote your product. If you have questions that arise while filling out our online form, please do not hesitate to call us toll free at 1-888-706-8617 ext. 202.


We have two documents online to help you begin the quoting process. 


  • Checklist for Request for Quote - This document provides a concise listing of documents and files that need to be considered when outsourcing existing products.

  • Bill of Material (BOM) Excel Template – We use excel spreadsheets in our quoting process. If you have not yet created your BOM, we suggest you use Excel. A template is provided to simplify that process.


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4) How would you best describe your current project needs?

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9) Do the material or processes need to be RoHS compliant (Lead Free?)

10) Test Required

11) Special Requirements

12) What are the regulatory requirements?

13) What are the packaging requirements, if any?

14) Additional Comments

15) Printed Circuit Board Details

a) How many layers does the board have?

b) What is the board material?


c) What is the material thickness in inches?


d) Is the number of CNC route points greater than 12?

e) Are there special routing instructions?

f) What are the board's dimensions in inches?


g) Approximately, how many holes in the board are there?

h) What is the smallest hole in inches?

i) Are there more than 16 different hole sizes?

j) What is the minimum trace width in mils?

k) What is the minimum trace spacing in mils?

l) Does the board require silk screen?

m) Does the board require solder mask?

n) Does any layer exceed one ounce of copper weight?

If so, what is the heaviest weight used?

16) PCB Assembly Information

a) What is the total number of manufacturer part numbers?
    (bom line items)


b) Does the board have surface mount components on both sides?

c) Part Placement on Boards

a. What is the quantity of common surface mount parts on the board? This should be the total amount of surface mount components minus the fine pitch and BGA/QFN surface mount components.

b. What is the quantity of fine pitch surface mount parts on the board? Fine pitch is defined as any part with lead spacing of 20 mils or less lead center to lead center.

c. What is the quantity of surface mount Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Quad Flat-pack no leads (QFN) components on the board?

d. What is the quantity of through hole components on the board?

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