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Manufacturing MMT

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

We support leading-edge technologies including surface mount technology (SMT), plated through-hole (PTH), Ball Grid Array (BGA), Quad Flat Pack (QFP)and printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) processes in manufacturing. We use standardized protocol on MPM, Samsung, Vitronics SMT equipment and Universal PTH equipment with a wide variety of manual and semi-automated processes.


Features of our SMT Assembly Process include:

  • Off-line setup to reduce machine down time
  • Inline solder paste screen printing
  • BGA and micro-BGA capability
  • SMT fine-pitch capability (to 12 mil)
  • Forced-air convection re-flow oven
  • ESD standard ANSI/ESD S20.20:1999
  • Component placement (to 0201)
  • Full rework/repair capabilities including BGA


Manufacturing MMT

Features of our PTH and PCBA Assembly Process Include:

  • Automated through-hole insertion
  • Lead pre-forming
  • Slide line assembly
  • Build-to-print/manual assembly
  • Wave solder (OA, & No-Clean)
  • DI closed loop water cleaning process
  • Conformal coating (dip or spray)
  • Encapsulation


Manufacturing MMT

Features of our Box Build Assembly Process Include:

  • Multi-card assembly
  • Complete system integration
  • In-house chip programming capabilities
  • Full functional test
  • Custom wire harnesses
  • Custom designed metal and plastic enclosures
  • Anodized and chromated aluminum
  • Powder/wet painted steel
  • Nickle and tin plated steel
  • Silk screen capabilities
  • Custom overlays/membrane switches